6 Traditional Tricks to Clean House with Pantry Products

Every housewife struggling to keep the house as clean. Currently, any store find dozens, maybe even hundreds of types of cleaning products. It is true that eases our work, but most chemical solutions give off toxic gases that are bad for health.

But what did our mothers and grandmothers when there were all these solutions prodigy ? Resorted to food in the pantry, always handy and mostly very healthy.

Today, we will talk about some tricks used by women cleaning before the advent of chemicals :


This fruit has been used in removing stains from clothing and various pieces of furniture since the time of antiquity. Therefore some of the most sold chemicals to clean our own times have citrus flavor.

The paste of salt and lemon juice is an excellent clean kitchen shredders for food or limescale around batteries sink.

Baking Soda

A paste obtained from baking soda and a little water is very useful and effective in cleaning limescale. Apply the product obtained on the problem areas and rub with a old toothbrush.

To revive the colors of carpets, upholstery fabrics for sofas, beds and armchairs in the house, sprinkle baking powder their entire food surface, let it work for a few hours, then vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.

When you happen to run out of toothpaste in the house, a trick for freshening breath is clean your teeth with baking soda. The gloss is guaranteed.

Food Vinegar

Those who have pets in the house already know that vinegar is the most effective method of removing the smell left by four-legged friends on carpets and furniture.

All vinegar is among the best solutions for washing windows, play gloss stainless steel vessels and removing the stains from clothing and upholstered furniture.

Vegetable Sunflower Oil

Another product that is missing from the pantry any housewife can be used to refresh the color of furniture in solid wood, wicker furniture or iron pans and soup pots is sunflower oil.


The ideal solution for removing stains from furniture wax. Apply a soft cloth or a cotton swab and rub a little glycerin to clean surface stains.

Black Tea

One last tip: black tea concentrate can help you remove rust from tools to gardening. For it is enough to leave garden tools in a dish with strong black tea for a few hours until tender rust, which you can easily clean with a sponge.