Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner

This Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner produces very little noise when working. In fact, you can easily be tempted to test it with your smartphone, I know I was. Averaging between 65 and 70 db, Shark produced both a great achievement and surprised me in a positive way. The dust cup is extra large and ensures that you do not have to stop vacuuming to empty it. Ie. I could vacuum  my entire house with just one go. This saves precious time. No loss of suction is a guaranteed feature as the cyclonic system performs excellently in separation of dust particles and fine dirt from the air. This helps to keep filters safe from being clogged after a short time.

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However, always remember to clean filters as the manual indicates so as to maintain the optimum efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner has swivel steering, which allows you to maneuver it around with much ease. In fact, some people complain about the over-steering phenomenon. It can be detached and laid completely flat, which enables you to clean under low clearance obstacles where other vacuum cleaners can not reach. This feature ensures that your hand is safe from straining and at the same time contributes to your thorough clean.

Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner Filtration System

The filtration system is designed using a technology that takes care of the allergic users. It traps almost 100% of dust and other potentially allergic substances like mite feces, as they pass through the large capacity HEPA filter. With the 2-in-1 Dusting Genie, even the finest particles are barred from getting into the breathing air around you. The pet upholstery tool makes it possible to lift all pet hairs from your couch, carpets, delicate fabrics and curtains.
The TruePet lifts up loose debris, pet hair and deep cleans surfaces. The Hard Floor Genie attachment provides the best cleaning experience when working on bare floors. It also includes a micro fiber pad that picks up finer debris. With the TruePet Mini-Motorized Brush, you control the power of the motorized brush and ensure the result of the cleaning is nothing less of magnificent and dust-free. The HEPA filter should be washed at least once a year, as stated within the guidelines provided in the product’s manual.

The multifunctional, technological nature of this Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner  really comes through in its performance across the home and the attention to detail in the design.

Efficiency is the key factor that stands out in the specification and sales claims for this product and reports from users show that this is provided very well. This is first seen in the power of the suction and the effortless way that it handles the dirt on each of the three functions – with users saying it can deal with fine sand just as effectively as pet hair – but there is also fact that the handheld attachment uses electric power to really attack the dust, the way that each attachment is to easy to put on and take off and the ease of emptying the dust cup.

This effective performance is a high point for many users but they are also impressed with the thought that has gone into the different parts and features, with different reviewers finding different aspects to praise. For some the highlight is the inclusion of the washable Hepa filters and anti-allergen seal technology, for others it is the flexibility of the ball joint or the use of the LED light to illuminate crevices and underneath furniture.

Despite the considerations that have been made, there are still some flaws pointed out in user reviews of this Shark Rotator TruePet vacuum.

The amount of thought that has gone into the little bonus features and aids on this Shark NV752 is very impressive but there are some areas that have not been addressed that have come as a surprise to some users. For example, why did the designers spend so much time on the light but not think to add a cord retractor – something that stands out as an obvious need to a lot of users because of the length of the cord and lack of storage for it. Additionally, there is a weight issue as not only is this device heavier than some other models that users have tested, the design means it is a little top heavy.

Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner picture

Shark Rotator Vacuum

The final verdict of this Shark Rotator TruePet NV752 review : Are these omissions enough of an issue to affect a recommendation?

It is important to point out the areas where users have criticized the design of this vacuum, especially when they are as frequently mentioned as the weight issue, but the scale of these minor flaws shows that they are just some unfortunate design choices on an otherwise functional and highly appealing model. Shark could go further with the user-friendly features but buyers know this because they have added so many great things already, like the filters and the lights. In the end, this Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner NV752 is still a great choice for buyers looking for the most efficient clean because of the consistently strong performance on multi surfaces and the attention to detail.

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