Tips for Cleaning Up The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, or why do you think that family, visits and interesting conversations always end up there ?. No matter how hard you esmeres to fix and decorate your whole house … always all end up in the kitchen.

And there’s nothing nicer than a spotless kitchen, causing cooking, other than the reason for uncomfortable moments with unexpected visitors, but most important of all is that our kitchen we avoid illness and accidents by cross-contamination.

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I know the difficult task it is to keep the kitchen clean, which means even more work on it to avoid cross-contamination when you have different diets or feed rate. However, we can do without dying in the attempt, here I leave some tips to save you time and money, keep a clean, healthy cooking and not finish all so tired after all :

  1. Use market bags for trash and take it out every day. Place newspaper on the bottom of the boat and then an extra group of bags (I put minimum 7), so when you take the bag is full of garbage and have a replacement bag. Bota newspaper background and washes the trash at least once a week or sooner if it gets dirty faster.
  2. Go while cleaning’re cooking, so do not have so much work after eating. A good shortcut is to fill the sink with hot, soapy water and go placing the dirty elements on the fly, the end will not have to scrub much. Another good daily routine and it helps prevent cross-contamination is to clean the cabinets and appliances outside while cooking
  3. Keep the refrigerator clean and free meals expired or damaged. This can achieve “recycling and refusing” leftovers as soon as possible, storing and consuming the products according to their expiration date. At least once a week the fridge empty, discarded products that are in good condition and clean detail inside and out
  4. To reduce levels of bacteria on utensils, replaces sponges once a week, be sure to keep them dry outside pot dishwasher and every time you go scrubbing pass them about 30 seconds for the microwave. Wash your dishcloths once a week, preferably with hot water.
  5. Clean surfaces after each preparation, you can do quickly passing a doily and a sprinkling of household disinfectant (water, lemon, baking soda and vinegar), so you can prevent cross-contamination and contact with the virus that can cause various diseases
  6. Avoid unwelcome visitors (flukes, cockroaches and ants). To this keeps neat and clean the cupboard. When you have a few spare minutes at least once a week, pulls the bags and empty food boxes (such as cereal), clean spills, organizes cans and clean the shelves. Should also reach your kitchen !, Do not use poisons prepares sugar pellets + boric acid and hide in corners or under sections
  7. Avoid rancid odors in household appliances, clean them quickly when cooled after use, eg after breakfast, removes coffee filters and empty the pot to prevent stains and the smell of stale coffee. Unplug them and perform proper maintenance easy for everyone at least once every 15 days.

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